Do you want to increase your
revenue, donations or sales leads?
I'm Tim Bete and my direct marketing campaigns and copywriting
have generated tens of millions of dollars in sales and donations. My work online and in print has persuaded people to place orders, make gifts, visit Web sites and request more information. (See for yourself.) I can bring outstanding results to your direct response programs, too. My breakthrough copywriting, powerful design, practical consulting and honest reviews are what you need to bring your marketing program to the next level of success.

Prove it.
I wasn't always a copywriter. When I began my career 25 years ago, I was a marketing manager responsible for generating a million in annual sales. I managed 30 promotional mailings a month and kept my copywriter very busy...until the day I realized he wasn't doing me any good.

My instinct told me my copywriter's work wasn't increasing sales. I suspected he might be one of the many copywriters who, despite having written hundreds of letters and packages, didn't really know what they were doing.

When I asked him whether the sales letters he'd written for that month's mailings would increase my revenue, he was shocked that I'd question his ability. He had a dozen years of writing experience under his belt. But he looked worried. Very worried.

"I'm going to test this month's mailings with YOUR sales letters against packages with NO letters," I told him. He squirmed. He hemmed and hawed. He tried to reassure me.
But my instinct was right. As orders came in, the results were clear. There was no significant difference between the packages with letters versus those without. His copywriting skills weren't increasing my sales at all. Not a bit. Twenty-five percent of my budget was going down the drain.

At that moment I decided to learn everything I could about direct marketing and become a copywriter myself. I couldn't afford not to. I studied direct marketing campaigns. I read everything the top marketing gurus had written. I began learning to write copy. And it paid off in a BIG way.

My work has generated tens of millions
in sales and donations
Today my instinct still tells me what copy will sell and what won't. But now that instinct is backed up with years creating direct marketing packages that have skyrocketed clients' revenue.

I've written direct marketing copy for Fortune 500 companies. I've created direct mail fundraising campaigns for non-profits, both large and small. I've written and designed direct mail solicitations, newsletters, brochures and annual reports. I've created fantastically successful online marketing programs and online video. (Take a look at some samples.)

And, time after time, my copy sells better than what the client was using before.

Do you know these secrets and techniques?
Here are just a few of the marketing secrets I can bring to your next project:

  • How to determine a product's REAL benefits (Hint: They're NOT what most companies list as product features.) Using this technique allowed me to profitably double the revenue of one product in just 12 months.

  • How to convert $100 donors into $1000 donors with direct mail.
         (Using this highly-effective format, I've had response rates as high as 24%!)

  • How to build a dynamic online community that will generate sales
         or gifts (One project I managed brought in more than $100,000 in
         just 72 hours from a single e-mail!)

  • How to turn newsletters from expense drains into fundraising
         machines. (The odds are your current newsletter is giving readers
         exactly what they DON'T want to read.)

  • How to use online video and Twitter to drive people to your Web site (I attracted 8,000 Twitter followers in just 3 months, which doubled Web site traffic!)

  • How to successfully use direct mail even when your budget is so miniscule you can't afford to pay a printer or mailhouse. (I've created small mailings -- using just an ordinary laser printer -- that produced huge results!)

The best news is I can apply the same expertise used to gain these incredible results to your next project.

Effective, creative solutions that minimize cost
There's a lot of pressure in your job. I know, I've been there. During my career, I've had responsibility for significant sales and fundraising goals, too. I understand the pressures of sitting in your chair. And I understand about increasing your return on investment and working within tight budgets.

You won't find many copywriters with my background. (I'm one of the few who has an MBA from one of the top programs in the country.) You could say I'm the man with two brains -- one that's creative and another that's all about the numbers. I'll come up with a innovative solution for your marketing problem, thinking about minimizing costs the entire time.

That's why I always look at the WHOLE direct marketing package to make it as efficient AND effective as possible. And I can tailor my services to your specific needs and budget constraints. (Take a look at the services I offer.)

Any writer can fill a page with words. I learned that a long time ago. Few writers can fill your mailbox with orders or donations. I'm one of them. Test my writing against your best control. When your orders or donations start rolling in, you'll be glad you did.

Contact me today to chat about your next project.

Tim Bete (pronounced "Beet")
Energized Copy & Design

P.S. Here's a little more about my background, including some fun facts, such as the event in which I hold the World Record.

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